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New Water Rates (Effective January 1, 2023):

$45.00 = Minimum Water Charge for 0 Usage
$18.00 = Readiness To Serve Charge
$63.00 = Minimum Water Bill

A rate of 35.20 will be charged per 1000 cubic feet of water used thereafter.

The water meter measures water in cubic feet. Each cubic foot equals 7.48 gallons. The water meter is generally located in a basement or crawl space. The remote reader is located on the outside of the house. The remote reader is wired to the meter, which allows the meter readers to obtain a reading without entering the house. 

If your water bill seems high check immediately for leaks in your system. A dripping faucet, a leaking toilet or some other unsuspected leak may be the cause of a high-water bill.

A good way to check if you possibly have a leak, turn off all faucets in your home and locate your water meter. If the red needles are moving on the meter, you have a leak somewhere.

The radio read meters store up to 96 days of water usage data. This will help identify high use issues that can be pinpointed to the day a leak or change of use occurred. If you would like a data log of your water usage, please contact the township office.


Final Water Read Request Form


Before You Dig

Call Miss Dig at 800-482-7171 or 811 

If you notice flags in your yard or along the roadway, it is an indicator that someone is planning to perform underground construction in that area. The color of the flag indicates the type of utility that has been marked.